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                                 Nano-beads Hand Cleaner

                                          Natural Fatty Amino Acid Surfactant ingredient.
                                                                                               All NEW Botanic formula! Cleans gently and mildly.
                                                                                               Therefore, it leaves your hands feeling fresh, supple
                                                                                               and moisturized


                                               1ml Hands Cleaner with more than ten million
                                                                                                           Nano-beads. Cleans the dirtiest of hands
                                                                                                           efficiently and leaves them feeling comfortable.



                                                                   With NEW suspension technology:
                                                                                                                      The specific gravity of each Nano-beads
                                                                                                                      is more than 2.(SG of water is 1.)It's not
                                                                                                                      easy to suspend Nano-beads in a cleanser
                                                                                                                      with fine liquidity, but we did it!


     Powerwash Hand Cleaner's Cleaning Power is what separates us from the competition:
           Normally, chemists use linear alkylbenzenesulfonate surfactant(LAS) or Nonylphenol
           polyethoxylates surfactant(NPEO) to create a high cleaning power. This often causes dry
           cracking of the hands and hurts to use. If soap or Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate(SLES)
           surfactant is used, which is often used by chemists, it CANNOT create a cleaning power
           to satisfy a mechanic's need. This is also not good for your hands. Since mechanics must
           use this often, and their hands are the most important part of their body to work with, we
           created an ALL NEW Botanic formula with amino surfactant! This new formula cleans gently
           and mildly, but with the power needed to clean the dirtiest of hands. This leaves your hands
           feeling fresh, supple, and moisturized!


          The Reaction of amino surfactant synthesize:

          R-C(=O)-OH + PCl3 --> R-C(=O)-Cl (Fatty Acid Chloride)+H3PO3

          R-C(=O)-Cl + H-N(-CH3)-CH2-C(=O)-ONa --> R-C(=O)- N(-CH3)-CH2-C(=O)-ONa

          R-C(=O)- N(-CH3)-CH2-C(=O)-ONa + H2SO4 --> R-C(=O)- N(-CH3)-CH2-C(=O)-OH

          R-C(=O)- N(-CH3)-CH2-C(=O)-OH neutralized with bases --> AF01(fatty sarcosinate)



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