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DIRECTPRO®M366 Highly safe removal wax

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DIRECTPRO ®M366除蠟劑是溫和全效型的除蠟劑,廣泛的對於各種地板硬光蠟均能有效去除。

l        DIRECTPRO ®M366除蠟劑是弱鹼性的除蠟劑,有別於傳統型鹼性極強的除蠟劑;對皮膚的傷害較小;也不與鋁門窗等軟金屬發生反應,造成牆面,地板腐蝕,變色等問題。

l        DIRECTPRO ®M366除蠟劑使用後,即使未能以清水徹底洗淨,亦不需擔心影響打臘效果。更不需擔心除蠟劑乾燥後,形成鹼片結晶,造成兒童爬行或行人赤腳行走時的皮膚傷害。

l        溫和配方,廣泛適用於各種原石地板、磨石地板、木質地板及塑膠地板等。使用後地板光亮如新、不沾粘、光滑舒爽。

l        DIRECTPRO ®M366除蠟劑不含刺鼻的溶劑味道。不傷身體、不頭昏,不殘留怪味。是專業通路最佳的專業選擇。

l        DIRECTPRO ®M366除蠟劑能輕易的軟化並瓦解各種硬光蠟的成膜結構,增加工作效率。

l        易儲存  置放於陰涼處。不必擔心原料揮發或變質。

抗硬水去油污效率高 即使使用環境因硬水使用殘留礦物質過高,或環境油污,也不影響除蠟膜的能力。


使用前建議先將地板表面清理乾淨。若地板殘留著前一次的地板硬光蠟,使用DIRECTPRO ®M366除蠟劑均勻噴灑其上,以手工或機械單盤機協助去除蠟膜,可以大幅度增加工作效率。DIRECTPRO ®M366除蠟劑為高濃度的除蠟劑,使用時可以對水稀釋5~10倍,效果依舊傑出。使用完畢可以以濕式吸塵器吸乾,再補以清水洗淨、吸乾即可。

 TYPICAL PROPERTIES (Material Safety Data Sheet)

l      APPEARANCE                     : Clear solution

MDFB                                      12~15%
High Kb value Solvent           9~12%
Additives                                  10~13%

l      pH(1%)                                  :10.5+-0.5

l      Hazardous Ingredients: No hazardous ingredients known at this time.

l      Reactivity Data :
Hazardous Polymerization: Will not occur.
Incompatibility: None Known to cause dangerous condition.

l      Fire and Explosion: Nonflammable
flash point: N.D.

l      Health Hazards :
Eye Contact: This material is expected to be an Eye Contact hazard.
Skin Absorption: Although no appropriate human or animal health effects data are known to exist, this material is expected to cause skin irritation.
Ingestion: This material is expected to be an ingestion hazard.

l      First Aid Measures:
Eye Contact: Immediately wash eyes with large amounts of water for at least 15 minutes and contact physician as needed.
Skin Contact: Remove contaminated clothing and shoes and  Immediately wash skin with large amounts of water.
Ingestion: Drink large amounts of water or milk. Contact physician. DO NOT  induce vomiting.

l   Protective Equipment and Other Control Measures:
Respiratory:Not required.
Eye: Approved safety glasses with side shield.
Clothes: Protective work clothes.
Additional Comments: Eye washes and safety showers should be available.
Educate and train employees in the use of this product, besides also follow all label instructions.

l       Disposal Methods: Recycle or rework if feasible.

l        Note:                              :
    The information in this MSDS was obtained from sources which we believe are reliable. However, the information is provided without any warranty, express or implied, regarding its correctness.
    The MSDS was prepared and is used only for this product. If the product is used as a component in another product, this MSDS information may not be applicable.




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